Audrey O'Connell

My past work with a wide range of international clients, and my passion for 'bridging' cultural and professional networks, forging partnerships, and creating sound business opportunities, gives me a unique set of skills that I can share for the overriding purpose of helping others make a positive impact in the world of visitor experience and education.



A trusted catalyst for bringing people, ideas, and global cultural projects together to form winning partnerships  


An experienced international museum specialist with a strong reputation for working with organizations and the creative industries to market, develop, design and operate successful and authentic cultural exhibits, attractions and destinations


A specialist in creating business and development opportunities for museum products and services



A North American-based cultural specialist for Europe, the Middle East, and Asia           



"Audrey O’Connell knows the cultural and leisure market inside out. I know of no one better who can build strong relationships within an organization and forge partnerships between organizations.  In the field of organizational advocacy and business development, Audrey is exemplary. She is someone who certainly makes things happen and has great skill in ensuring that projects are realized for maximum impact."                        

Sharon Ament, Director, Museum of London



"Audrey is one of those rare individuals who combines proven business savvy with a deep understanding of both cultural and leisure markets."

Keith James, CEO/Owner, Jack Rouse Associates


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