Consulting Services
My career experience in both fundraising and the commercial and creative development of exhibits, museums, galleries, and attractions across the world, has led me to the exciting opportunity of now sharing my knowledge through my own consulting firm. An overview of what I could offer you, as my client:
  • Help you build your business by: creating business opportunities and strategies for leveraging exhibit and visitor products

  • Take you to international markets by: providing senior level support for international market development and project negotiation

  • Cost-effectively increase your capacity by: providing senior level support for partnership and sponsorship development opportunities

  • Facilitate promotion or planning of cultural projects: through research, client presentations, project visioning brainstorms, planning workshops, and project implementation advice

  • Build organizational capacity by:  training, mentoring and coaching, developing organizational structure

  • Extend your networks by: coordinating access to my global knowledge of the museum, cultural, leisure, and creative sectors for creation of quality visitor experiences
  • Increase your income by: evaluating and recommending business and risk planning strategies, and development planning with long term impact

The services I offer are at a high level, integrating the best strategic planning with an extensive network and deep knowledge of exhibitions and visitor experience, development, museum and leisure and tourism markets.


The timing of the services I offer varies. For example, most exhibition development services would be delivered at the front end of a project, and sometimes even prior to the formation of a vision for a cultural attraction, whether a museum, gallery, science center, zoo, or other form of visitor destination. Advice, review and feedback, training, and presentation support would also be relevant at the brand development, promotion and sales, fundraising, project initiation stages, and sometimes into the first stages of design delivery of a new gallery, museum,
or attraction.
Market development, international client management, development of commercial strategies for museum product and services, and partnership and sponsorship strategies are timed as appropriate to the situation, as is capacity development and training in museum
best practice.



In addition to my own skills and experience in the field of museums and visitor experience in the wider context of family attractions, I have developed a strong network of highly qualified colleagues who may be brought in to lend additional expertise depending on the type and scope of services required.

Consulting Areas

Global and Regional Market Development

  • Market development through targeted networking within and between museum and attractions industries
  • Clearinghouse expertise for assessing international enquiries to museums and science centers for partnerships
    and supply of products and services
  • Senior level management of international enquiries on behalf of an institution or organization
  • Provide pitch presentation services for museums and the creative industries
  • Share knowledge and insight into the field of museums and science centers for commercial suppliers


Commercial Strategies for Museums

  • Development of international business development strategies for museum products and services
  • Advice on providing international consulting to generate revenue for institutions
  • Development of international strategies for integrated brand outreach and commercial development for museums
  • Planning and advice on internal management of successfully incorporating business models into museum environments
  • Risk-management and communication strategies for international museum work


Capacity Development and Training

  • Provide training on museum best practice to international audiences
  • Provide training and advice on museum programming and management


Partnerships and Sponsorship Development            

  • Planning and advice to governments, associations, and organizations seeking global partnerships and cultural expertise
  • Senior partnership facilitator and negotiator
  • Share knowledge and insight of the museum field to the creative industries for the promotion of quality client and supplier opportunities
  • Partnership and sponsorship strategies for new products
  • Market analysis of opportunities
  • Pitches and cases for support
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Exhibits and Attractions Development
  • Advice on building a profitable travelling exhibition or establishing a travelling program
  • Identifying and coordinating access to high quality international expertise across multiple creative sectors to help clients deliver innovative projects
  • Review, comment, and/or edit exhibition, gallery, or museum development or re-development proposals
  • Organization and delivery of mission and visioning workshops for new museum and attraction concepts
  • Creative concept development
  • Provide research and recommendations on formation and management of international project teams for cultural developments




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