A Selection of Projects 2004 - 2014

October 2013 – February 2014

A market and industry analysis of the global business of touring exhibitions was produced for the Museum of London, with specific business planning related to entry into the marketplace as a developer of intriguing, collections-based, cultural and historical exhibitions revolving around the great characters and stories of London.

As Head of Planning and Design Consulting at the Natural History Museum in London, I had the opportunity to promote the Natural History Museum’s expertise as a well-established and successful museum with over 5 million visitors per year. Drawing on the experience of a
team dedicated to international consulting who also possessed a wide range of skills in marketing and promotion, exhibition development
and museum management, we were positioned well to promote, negotiate, and deliver some great projects. Drawing from a wealth of
internal expertise in NHM Science, Collections, and Public Engagement, as well as external expertise in other creative and technical areas, we collectively made an impact in many World Regions that are working towards developing new science, culture, and high quality visitor experiences.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore

Contracted to W Architects Pte. Ltd., this one year project during the architectural master planning stage for Singapore’s new museum of natural history, entailed working closelywith the architects and Raffles Museum of Biodiversity, National University of Singapore. Drawing on our experience at the Natural History Museum, our project team supported in reviewing the vision for a visitor experience which would appeal to a variety of audiences and consulted with the architects through all design phases to ensure design of a museum building ‘fit-for-purpose,’ including collections storage and display, visitor facilities, and gallery experiences. Scheduled opening is September, 2014.

 Courtesy of W Architects Pte. Ltd.

 Courtesy of W Architects Pte. Ltd

Gallery 4, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

A series of contracts with Saudi Aramco enabled the delivery team to perform a variety of services which included strategic brainstorming, concept and storyline development, management of a design competition on the Client’s behalf, content development, editing, and museological support through all design phases of Gallery 4. The 1300m2 Gallery will feature the social, cultural and natural history of all of the spectacular geographical regions of the Kingdom and will provide an important visitor journey as part of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture’s ground breaking public offer, scheduled to open in 2014.

Courtesy of King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

Museo Tridentino di Scienza Naturali, Trento Italy

Working closely with the Director and staff of the Museum in Trento through two successive contracts, the team was able to provide advice and support during strategic and architectural design planning. We ran a brand development workshop, and provided advice on concept development for a re-location of the existing Museum to a new location in a high-profile mixed-used development along the Adige River.   Working alongside the staff project team managing the development of the entirely new museum concept for Trento, MUSE, we advised and supported during the architectural design phases and provided support in content development methodologies and techniques.



Courtesy of Museo Tridentino di Scienza Naturali
Photo by A. Gadotti - Archive Trento Futura


Courtesy of Museo Tridentino di Scienza Naturali
Photo by A. Gadotti - Archive Trento Futura


Restless Planet, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Working with a broad consortium of international experts in the fields of architecture, design, lighting, sound, film, special effects, ride manufacturing, animatronic manufacturing (Kokoro Company Ltd.), and Paleontology, our Museum team won the initial feasibility study to develop a new kind of dinosaur attraction – a blend of theme park and educational experience with authenticity the cornerstone of the content and design approach. Working closely with the lead designers (JRA) and Paleontology experts, we helped to develop the concept and early stages of content development, as well as managed all of the scientific, artistic, to technical specifications for 103 animatronic dinosaur models. The impact of the worldwide impact crisis led to the Client delaying the development of Restless Planet.


Courtesy of the IMG Galadari Group


The Aichi Expo 2005 UK Pavilion

In partnership with our associates, we worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to deliver the UK Pavilion’s interpretation of the EXPO concept - ‘how does nature inform technology.’ The Wisdom of Nature Pavilion was an award-winning display of art exhibits, an English Garden, and six major interactive exhibits which combined art, science and technology. Our key role in the consortium was the development of the content, informing the design development, writing the texts, securing of the artists and their work, and providing the contacts for a local Japanese infrastructure to support the build.

Courtesy of Land Design

Courtesy of Land Design
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